The following information explains the procedure in detail so please take a moment to read it and feel free to ask any questions if you are unsure.


Your dentist will give me as much detail as possible about you and the dental procedure. I can then consult with you to determine if sedation is right for you.

Please take time to read the Instructions and FAQs. It is very important that you contact Dr Patel if you have any concerns.

You need to arrive at the dental practice 20 minutes before the scheduled appointment. I will confirm your health history and that you have followed the instructions. Any questions that you may have can be discussed and clarified at this time. Should for any reason it be determined that you are unsuitable to be treated on this day, your procedure will be cancelled and alternatives arranged.


Once in the dentist’s chair, equipment will be attached so that you can be monitored throughout the procedure.

A cannula will be inserted in the back of your hand or forearm and this is the only needle that will be required for sedation purposes. Most patients will feel a small pinch or prick. The needle is removed and a small plastic tube left in place to administer the medication.

Gradually you will slip into a very relaxed dream like state and treatment will start when you are properly sedated. During sedation you will not be disturbed by needles, drilling or instruments in the mouth. You will still be able to cooperate with the dentist when asked but you are unlikely to remember anything.


You will be monitored until you are awake enough to go home. You may be drowsy or even feel very happy and alert. Your escort will need to support you to the car and into the house where you will need to be looked after for the rest of the day. It is fine to have a sleep but you will need to be supervised and your escort will need to make sure that you are easily woken.

It is very important that you and your escort follow all instructions given by Dr Patel.

Your dentist will also give you information relating to the dental treatment.