Dr. Trushar Patel
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Instructions For Intravenous Sedation


1. You must fast (food and drink) for at least 6 hours before sedation

2. You may have only half a glass of water up to 2 hours before your sedation

3. You must disclose medical conditions, medications, smoking, alcohol and use of recreational drugs

4. A responsible person must accompany you to the surgery where the sedation is taking place and must remain at the surgery until the procedure is complete

5. Wear comfortable clothing that will allow easy access to your arms

6. Please bring a jumper or jacket as you may feel cold after sedation

7. Remove nail polish and jewellery around hands and arms

8. Contact lenses should be removed

9. Unless advised otherwise, any regular medications are taken as normal with a sip of water

10. Please bring all your medications including inhalers to your appointment

11. Do not drink alcohol or use any recreational drugs for at least 24 hours before and after sedation

12. Please use the toilet just before the procedure starts

13. Sedation cannot be given to a patient who has a cold or the flu. If you are unwell please notify the surgery as soon as possible


1. Following sedation you will continue to sleep lightly for a short time

2. You must be escorted home by a responsible adult in a private car or taxi

3. You must be kept under close supervision for at least 12 hours even though you may appear to be awake and feeling fine

4. You may have a light snack with water after the sedation

5. You should not have sole care of small children for the rest of the day

6. You must not drive or operate any potentially harmful equipment for the rest of the day

7. You must not make any important decisions or sign documents for the rest of the day

8. Follow instructions given by your dentist in relation to the dental procedure

It is very important that you and your escort have discussed and understand these instructions.

Should you need any assistance or if you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact your dentist or Dr Patel on 0421 571 008.


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